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In 4 weeks, you will work on techniques that help you interact with the crowd in a way that feels authentic to your personality and comedic style

What this Course Covers

What this Course Covers





When: Thursdays 1/28 January 5pm

Where: Zoom! (link will be provided after booking)

Price: $5 (due when you register)

Performing:  Name 1, Name 2, Name 3, Name 4, Name 5, Name 6, Name 7, Name 8, Name 9, Name 10, Name 11, Name 12.

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About The Show

We’ll practice different methods of crowd work, using exercises that focus on being “in the moment” and genuine. We’ll also do improv exercises that will empower you to think, engage and respond in a sensible manner. This class is designed for comedians who are looking to learn a crucial skill or want to sharpen their audience interaction. 

Course includes access to weekly sessions as well as weekly open mics and a virtual graduation show!

About the Instructors


Dan Vetrano is a Philly-based comedian, writer, producer, and is generally quite nice in conversation. He was the host and creator of the shows “Get Work” and “Worst of Philly” at Good Good Comedy Theater, where he regularly performed. He was a two-time finalist in Philly's Phunniest, is a regular host and feature at clubs Helium and Punch Line Philly, and has worked with comics like Dan Cummins, Christian Finnegan, Jaboukie Young-White, Andy Kindler, and Michael Ian Black. In the world of sketch comedy, Dan is one half of the brilliantly named duo Dan & Chris, and one-eighteenth of the high-energy sketch group Darlings which performed in NY Comedy Fest. 

As an instructor, Dan somehow manages to strike a magical balance between feisty and deeply empathetic. He makes everyone in his courses feel like they don’t have to take themselves quite so seriously (which honestly might be a key to being an even better comic).